Privacy Policy


Generally, we use photos we’ve taken to promote ourselves and spread our business. We do not sell our photos to anyone but you. Our photos we put online and our method of handling your photos and purchases are secure and safe. The Troutner & Schultz Photography LLC logo/brand is added to every photo for our own business purposes and should not be removed or tampered with in any way.


At Troutner & Schultz Photography, your privacy and safety are extremely important to us. We want to make sure no problems occur regarding our business and your experience with us. In order to assure your protection and our own, we ask that all customers and clients who come to us for our photographic services read and sign our Photographic Release and Waiver.


Below is a visual version of our Photographic Release and Waiver for you to see and read. This is only for you to view and understand. If you are going to utilize our services, you must sign a paper copy of this document for our records. Thank you.